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Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is a fun puzzle game with a social look. For now, you need to make chains and apply candies of different colors to make them disappear, with a rating of at least 200 degrees that you will find in your sugar adventure.

Candy sweats easily, but it’s hard to beat. So kids sure like this screen, they enjoy seeing colorful graphics and simple animations on the screen. Even adults have noticed that the main problem is not the right hips.

Candy Crush Saga presents the game in different ways. There are thousands of game-changers, and you have to reach different goals to progress. The method of ordering jelly, ingredients, or sweets offers a good service of good times and fun.

The two main features of the Candy Crush Saga are the bright and colorful scenes of the game. Your social section allows you to compare your scores with your colleagues on Facebook and test your score.

levels in candy crush

Candy Crush Saga Features

Collect sugar drops to move along the sugar route for special surprises!

Delicious candy graphics that make you hungry

Experience delicious environments and meet the cute characters

Helping magical amplifiers to help with difficult levels

Complete and unlock adventure levels completely

Easy and fun, hard to master

Hundreds of cute levels in the Candy Kingdom – more are added every 2 weeks!

Easily sync games with devices and unlock full gaming features when connected to the Internet

Candy Crush Saga GamePlay

Just turn your finger on the two nearby candies. Take the three candles first. Compatible with four or more candies will give you a bonus. The big game gives you a unique candy that can be used to clean lines, letters, or parts of the board at the same time. In order to compete well with Saga candies, you have to tailor yourself to different games and bigger game titles to a higher level.

As the game progresses, these problems become more difficult. Scammers use this tactic for many reasons. At different points in the game, you can turn to small goals, reach goals, or objectives. Spread the space for a difficult situation, but it must be opened first. All you have to do is sell your purchase on credit/debit.

The Candy Crush Saga is embedded in Facebook and it tracks high scores and protects the progress of the game. You can also post it on Facebook to ask friends for a lifetime. You can log in to your Fb account to receive daily rewards and more. Try sending these requests to a former smoker or angry friends. Now more than 140 regulations give the election a soda. In baking soda, we need to replace the sugar in the bottle to release the ink soda. Game mode on the Mega mode flight also offers tricks that you can use in the best possible way.

How to Win Candy Crush Saga?

1. Create an artist

Insert the four screws horizontally or horizontally to align.

If the window is open, you have access to 3 games. Letters like “T” or “L”

Draw the board by matching four sections of the same color.

2. Super insert energy saving

Do not use strong blankets on arrival. Combines high strength with a strong coat.

Use air distributors, light pink donuts, fat fish, soft blankets, wrapped sweets, colored bombs, and more.

Adjust the two layers of thread and clean the plank properly.

Swap two matching sliders to eliminate 5 and 5 flavors abroad.

Adjust the two colored bombs to clear all the spaces in the arena. This is very powerful.

Replace the zip line, install the bracket, and include 3 rows/columns of memory card and slider.

You can extend the blanket like a cardholder by replacing the drawstring with a colored crown.

Replace the wrapped bag with a banana gun and you can refresh all your blankets with towels and blankets.

3. Learn the mission

You don’t have to remember your job and work hard to create a super attachment.

The view includes:

Move level. Jelly level. There are no more levels. File rates are high. Professional approval application standards, etc.

4. Watch out for these edel jelly.

These colonies are weak and extremely difficult to manage. There are many chances to win, so clean the colony first.

Tips & Tricks

Use your Facebook friends! Playing Candy Cross at a high level will force your Facebook friend to smoke more as a necessity of life. Don’t joke! Do this It will excite you and eliminate the need to spend money in the next life.
Start at the bottom. Cutting the dessert makes it easier to visit when fresh juice arrives on the table. And work efficiency is more likely.
. Take the mixture. The best ingredients are candies and candies. Sprinkle donuts and candy boxes are also a good combination. When used together, they can scratch half of the board.
This makes the jelly more attractive and harder to pull off. Remove the jelly edges, corners, and bottom


Candy Crush Saga is pretty good. You win each level by completing your goal, usually the number of moves you are allowed to complete.

Most basic levels need only a certain number of points to achieve, but as you progress through the game, you need to achieve other goals, such as clearing all the jollies.

How do you score for a visit?

Wheat points are awarded, ie, by combining at least three consecutive fish of the same type. The more you press, the higher your score will be.

How to remove barley and other obstacles

The gel and other contaminants are so easily removed by the mold that the gel is at rest or the barrier is relaxed.

After a while in the game, the obstacles eliminate one extra cash.

Specialty fish

When you rotate four or more sugars, you get a special sugar that you can then combine with other fish of the same type to activate special abilities, allowing you to eliminate more fish at the same time.

You can also mix two special sugars – albeit of different types – to apply several effects at once. This is usually a good idea to do when possible and accumulate more points.


If you can’t reach the goal level, one life is lost. You start with five lives, and each time you lose, it takes about 30 minutes to recharge.

When you’re out of your life, you can’t keep playing until you’ve completed at least one life.

You can end your life by spending the gold you need to buy real money.


Candy Crush Saga is a matchmaking strategy and good luck. Each level is created randomly, however, if you move from one stage to the next, you will get different results.

What’s New

We hope you enjoy playing Candy Crush Saga! The game is updated every week, so download the latest version for all new features and levels!

A new player? Feel free to join in the fun!

Will you be back after a while? Have time!

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