levels in candy crush

levels in Candy Crush Saga hints, hints, and hints that help you move each level 1-50 for iOS, Android, and Facebook games. We can help you achieve this difficult level! Follow our strategies and you will never be a supporter of Candy Crush. If you need another level of help, choose Candy Crush at the top which cheats from the top main menu.
In the first level of Candy Crush, you will learn how to play and learn the basics of candy, action, and rhythm. The first five are textbooks that will help you. You start with the first level, which consists of sections called “parts”. Level 1-80 is covered in World One, but below are episodes 1-50 and their features.STOREAPKAPPS.COM

Candy Town (Levels in candy crush 1-10)

levels in candy crush

In Candy Town, he meets Mr. Tuffy T). He will guide the training. Color bombs, striped barrels, and jellyfish will all come in candy colors. There is only one blocker you will encounter, but it will be good for any piping situation. At level 7, you will unlock Lollipop Hammer. This is an incentive that allows you to move the tap, blocker, or sweets under the bar.

Candy Factory (Levels in candy crush 11-20)

The candy factory will introduce you to two types of recipes. This is the position and time of the parts. Accessories are special sweets that you want to collect somewhere on the board to complete the script. The first part is part 11. Timeline is a condition that you must exceed at a specific time, will be displayed in step 20. Double Jelly will make the first flight at level 20. Agree in a few hits. two to clean.

Lemonade Lake (Levels in candy crush 21-35)

They will discover two new blocking devices in Lemonade Lake. These include refrigerator and alcohol keys. It can damage the freezer by removing the candy. You only need to check the licorice key at level 25, but note. The time is coming for the gym with the right sweets and sweets. According to this, it will take more time to fill these levels. She first came out on stage 27. combine candy with candy-filled candy.

Chocolate Mountains (Levels in candy crush 36-50)

In the second episode of Candy Crush, Tiffy discovers Mr. Yeti sleeping on a hill. Wake up. In the Brown Mountains, you will eventually find licorice locks that you have seen before. Licensors keep candies in place until they match the color of the sugar they use. You can also use a candle that unlocks and breaks licorice.

Minty Meadow (Levels in candy crush 51-65)

Here is a real secret with 5 versions of Candy Crush Saga and Monte Meadow. Low level 51-65.

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Easter Bunny Hills (Levels in candy crush 66-80)

Easter Bunny Hills is the sixth series of candy bars with levels 66-80. Communication is represented at 66 levels. They carry sweets from one to the other. Jams are first seen in 70 levels: this sugar has a special sugar and it must be eliminated by infectious agents. Easter Bunny Hills has 9 levels of containers, 5 levels of contents, and 1 level of experience. Level 77 is the toughest stage in the Christmas season.

Bubblegum Bridge (Levels in candy crush 81-95)

The Nightingale Bridge is the first lesson in another world at levels 81-95. The wind around the river drops to 81 degrees, preventing you from moving forward. Bulgan bridge has 6 pieces, 7 components, and 2 grades. Generally, level 92 is recognized as the most difficult moment for the bladder.

The Salty Canyon (Levels in candy crush 96-110)

Salt Valley 51-100 is the last “crusher” of the sugar group. This includes conditions 96-110. Candy Crush is introduced at level 96. Because Candyball has a timer, it must be completed before it can count to zero – the game is over. The hardest level of about 101 is the level of 100 sugar stress. 96-98 conditions go, while 99 and 100 cases are jelly.

Pomegranate Palace (Levels 111-125)

The owner of the castle is Jenny Jelly, as the bubble troll spreads destruction and confusion. In this section, you will learn about double-layer glaze and decay. You can remove the double adjacent double glacier. Scissors are only one layer of glacial ice.

Water waffles (Levels  126-140 )

At the water worm, Tuffy finds Olivia, who needs help when the submarine crashes. The sweet order-level began for the first time. Players must collect certain sweets or combinations for a sweet order level. Level 131 introduces a new amp called Happy Sweet. Happy sweetness appears only at the level of the sweet order. It has a big happy sweet note, it’s a mystery what it will give you when you unlock it.

Chain Bread (Levels 141-155)

In Gingerbread Glade, Tofe finds a witch with a bitter onion, filled with green medicine. In this section, you will find three layers of ice. For a three-tier icebreaker, you must complement it with three adjacent matches. This is the first section with five levels of diversity and the first section with a three-level sweet order.

Pastel pyramid (levels 156-170)

The next section is the Pyramid of Pastilles 156-170. The chocolate Sponge Candy Crush offers up to 156 levels. This spawner will continue to make chocolate even after taking the chocolate off the board. The highest difficulty was in the Pastille pyramid of level 156, and levels 165 and 168 were also difficult. The triangle pyramid number is 5 jellies, 3 points, 2 times position, and 5 level positions.

Cycle around (levels 171-185)

Cupcake Circus is the thirteenth episode of Candy Crush, which covers levels 171-185. Four posters were introduced at Candy Crush Level 171 and a different panel was introduced than before. Level 182 is considered the most difficult. The bread circus has 5 levels of jelly, 4 levels of ingredients, 2 temporary flavors, and 4 levels of flavor.

Caramel Bay (levels 186-200)

The last part of this range is Caramel Cove. The Caramel chase has a Candy Crush of 186-200 degrees. Marmalade is shown at level 186 and is already ranked at level 70. Level 199 Candy Crush is considered the most difficult in this category. The caramel chow is comprised of 6 jellies, 3 parts, 2 part times, and 4 of the highest levels.

Reinforce Gala     ( Level 216-230)

Crunchy Castle 216-230. Crunchy Castle is ranked fourth in the series. Although it may not seem like something new, machines or sweeteners are being applied to spread a 216-degree sweet bowl. Step 217 puts all of these products on sale and sells its sweet logos to make sweet lists. Crunchy Castle’s difficulty level is 226 degrees. The easiest is Level 220.

Chocolate house  ( Level 231-245)

The third area in the area is the 231-245-degree Chocolate Barn. Chocolate Warehouse is the fifth and third world event to showcase its sweet bars. Secret sweetness first appears at 231 degrees. Making candy or a special block when it comes to candy bars. There are 50-50 chances for this. The chocolate bar has 6 levels of jelly, 3 levels, 1 level of time, and 5 degrees. Level 245 is the heaviest in the chocolate barn.

Beautiful animals  ( Level 246-260)

Delicious Drifts is the final decision in this category. Includes posts 246-260. Step 246 is the first fish covered with marmalade. This Delicious Drifts category has 3 levels of jelly, 1 quality factor, and 1 quality feature. Conditional conditions are considered favorable or favorable.