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How to play candy crush

Understand the purpose

candy crush

In general, in Candy Crush Saga your goal is to clear as many rows and columns as possible with minimal tricks. You can create three of the same type by arranging three (or more) sweets from the plate and switching sweets respectively.

The initial goal of Candy Crush Saga is to get a certain number of points within a certain number of moves.

As you progress through the Candy Crush Saga, other goals (such as reaching a certain point within a given time or getting all kinds of sweets off the plate) become more popular.

Check out the Candy Crush Saga board.

Here are some things to think about:

The number on the wall is the number of transactions left.

The progress bar on the left side of the screen shows your current mark.

The target image in the upper right corner determines the purpose of your current position.

Understanding the origins of candy crush winning, losing.

 Like any game, it provides the best results and scoring:

Win the game with the Candy Crush Saga to open the next step. It can also create pencils and accessories to enhance your size.

Give the game Candy crush Release and you will lose a life. Even though life is only 30 minutes in a row, you can get up to five people for free.

Imagine three sets or more packages.

 Remove the sweet in any way (until it closes) to create three or more sets and play the game. When creating a combo.

If you put all four spices together, you can combine three or more pieces into one piece, creating a unique sweater that can crush all the pieces.

it reaches its base, sweets to the dump, and vomit, allowing it to reach a specific target.

Add up to 3 candies too.

If you mix T or L with five or more players, you cover. They break the lever area around the tires (once they are assembled together) and then come in 3×3 wherever they are

If you look at 5 miles in a row, you weigh bulbs like chocolate. Change each sweet, colored ball and remove candy that replaced the board.

Use candy crush promoters

 A number of additional points may be obtained at the beginning of the game. You can even spend real money to buy products that enhance the game. If you get frustrated or unable to progress, this helps you reach this stage. Be careful about how you use it because you never know when it will be needed.

There are amplifiers that add things like Lollipop (it hurts the candy you want on the board) and dessert (that sets the board) – among many other amplifiers. You should tell them when you will receive them but always buy them.

Follow the goals set to play.

 At each step, there are points for the goal or goal on the roof of the sports balls. It can reach the same level, hitting several tiles or other targets, such as an accident on the ground.

Listen to other grades

 The Pipeline Crush Adventure promotes strategies to explain how a new concept or concept works, as it introduces new ideas. If you’re not sure how printers work, this guide explains it.

You can always jump or hit when lessons appear.

Progress through levels.

 Plays several games with different game boards at different levels. Step one opens the next step.

candy crush Winning strategies

Remove hard or dangerous candy from the first board.

Here are some tips on how to treat or get a prescription for acne. This will stop you from moving forward or lose you.

If the stage action on their faces is not stopped, the bombs will end the game, and if the chocolates are not removed, they will be dropped.

See the candy crush board before moving.

Like chess, you need to consider some of the moves in the Candy Crush Saga. If it doesn’t fit, take a few minutes to find potential connections and think about the outcome of a particular competition.

At first, it may take a while, but the more you play, the faster you will recognize patterns and possibilities.

Take a look at the edges of the plate.

The board will have many levels that are not exactly rectangular or contain a space on the board. You need to design these gaps and it will make them very difficult to create uniform sets.

If the board feels too hard, replace it.

Once you understand the game better, you will realize that building a board is very difficult. You can create a board using amplifiers or quit the game before performing any action.

Notice the direction the game provided.

If you are often unemployed, you will be prompted to download the game. This guide is random and usually goes unnoticed. If you have no time markers, take the time to see if there is a better task. If you want to increase your score ahead of schedule, accept the offer of the game

The 11 most popular candy crush tips in sweets and tricks.

Before you start with the level, note your secondary goal (moves, time, ingredients, jelly, or color arrangement). This will help you set priorities as soon as you start the level. For example, at the gel level, don’t try to accumulate points with random matches while you still have the gel on the board! Make jelly clean your main target.

If you go beyond the level before making a move (except the time level), you will not lose your life, and all the sweets will be rearranged the next time you apply the level. Use this to configure the control panel as you wish.

If you do not make a move in a few seconds, a bunch of candy will flash on the board, showing you the available movement. Use these tips if you are stuck, but be careful that just having an available move does not mean that it is your best move …

Always look for opportunities to create a special dessert by combining 4 or 5 desserts of the same color at the same time. Wille goes a long way to quickly remove the bumps and obstacles on the board. Also, look for opportunities to combine special sweets when you can get even more cleansing board effects!

Since sweets are affected by gravity (moving from the top of the plate to the bottom), first try to create groups at the bottom of the plate. This will allow more competition with higher chains, which can really increase your score … and can create some special desserts for you!

At higher levels, obstacles such as risers, ice, or chocolate will prevent sweets, jellies, or wipes. Try to remove these obstacles as soon as possible to free up more space on the candy, which will increase the number of potential moves you can make.

If you don’t play on time, take your time! There is no penalty for checking the board and looking for your best move and even reviewing some upcoming moves. On the contrary, if you play on time, don’t worry too much about strategy and just play as many games as you can find.

When playing a gel level, first try to focus on removing the gel blocks that are closest to the edges of the board. It is the most difficult to remove because you will have the least combinations of candies (and thus the least chance to remove them).

When playing at the ingredient level, try to place the ingredients over the sweets that you can combine into columns (instead of rows) so that the ingredients reach the bottom of the plate faster. Also, if you can, try to keep the components close to the center of the board so that you have more potential matches that you can move to the outlets at the bottom of the board.

Don’t worry too much about achieving your goal. If you have focused on meeting the secondary goal level, as well as making special sweets, Sugar Crush, which is active at the end of the level, will often be enough to put your score on the mark you need to reach!

If you are stuck on a level, try activating the armature. You can activate before you start placing special candies on the board to give you an advantage or activate one during the game (press the one in the upper left corner) to do something you are not normally allowed to do. For example, you can use the Lollipop Hammer Booster to remove any candy or obstacles on the board. Be careful, though … it can’t come back if you don’t finish the level! The fruit has a limited number of uses.

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