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candy crush

Get ready to train your mind with intense mental exercises, as the good King’s men have prepared a delicious pleasure for you. Candy Crush has everything you love and expects to combine three puzzle styles and more. Are their images vivid and surprisingly colorful, how are the best of them? You bet they are! Is it easy to learn, easy to play, and hard to master? The answer is yes and yes. Are there different kinds? You never expect to see a mobile game. In Candy Crush, you will be surprised how much you can achieve with a few sweets.

Not the kind of puzzle you know

What sets Candy Crush apart from the market for mobile puzzle game viewers? The answer is simple and doubled: strategic depth and various levels. Candy Crush limits the number of moves you can make, so it’s up to you to decide which games are the most effective and tactical. Play fast, not fast!

Ask as many points as you can before time runs out.

Follow as many curves as possible.                                 

Remove all the agar from the board before spinning.

Install all the components scattered on the table.

And more!

Lots of flavors and seasonings

Everything in Candy Crush looks like candy to you, but don’t worry yet. Depending on how you group your packages, you can make special candies that, when they turn on, can cause a variety of confusion. When making and using special candies, it is important to look at this saga quote.

Place the five candies in an L or T arrangement to create rolled candies that cause a big explosion.

Combine four sweet foods to create striped candy. Striped candy can remove all rows and columns in one dot.

Gather five packs to make a powerful color bomb and use it to destroy all the candy you like.

Add special candies to the sweet sweet apocalypse as you’ve never seen before!

Help is coming!

If only special candy is not enough for you, then you can weigh different growers to your advantage. These items may be few, but they can really save you candy if you’re stuck.

Destroy any candy with a lollipop hammer.

Sell ​​two candies using a free switch.

Start any level with a striped or colored bomb already on the board.

Transfer the sweetness to the striped candy with a striped brush.

Contact the UFO to place the wrapped candy on the grid.

And many more!

Effective programs around

Candy Crush is one of the biggest, most popular, and most popular games on the phone for a very good reason. It is as sweet as the sweet candy you have known since childhood, like the big jelly bites you have told you, without the best Halloween treat, as all your goodies. With over 300 levels, it will take a long time. If you are a professional gaming expert, you are on the lookout for your teeth and see all these flavors like the Candy Crush Saga.

Checked candy bars

All competitions are defeated

He is struck by the triple threat of this game when the bloody warriors fight with each other and claim that they will have swords in their hands. Even if the facts of the situation are not weak or funny, this is still the case. Due to its popularity, Candy Crush Saga has been included in one of the most versatile game displays for mobile phones. He leaves the crowd in many ways, but the game is not without flaws, and it is easy to understand why this is a popular application in all media.

It’s cute. Very tasty

At least the smoked Saga sweets appear with a hint. This game takes place in a dazzling world of sweets full of people and animals of all kinds. The film is beautifully colored and has a very unique style, mostly these are characteristic characters, all with arms and legs, chips, and pieces of paper that can be found on trees. By.

However, the game is full of short moments. It seems to be intended to attract young children, but it is clear that if I am not the target audience of this application, it has nothing to do with the difficulty of planning it. The main character, in particular, Tuffy, has many difficulties in his appearance, making him seem a little less than he loves. In fact, he cannot win a single popularity contest in the near future.

However, no one can be mistaken if the king follows this path. They fulfilled their mission and developed the spirit of the various pleasures that we should expect from a good producer.

More than three games

Critics of the “three in a row” genre will often say that you played all three of them in a row. Unfortunately, most of them only make a copy of Behold, but fortunately, Candy Crush Saga is not included. Match may still be the name of the game, but King was smart enough to give his app a special flavor.

On the one hand, there are many types of resolution levels. Time level includes the most traditional puzzles you will encounter in the app, as they require you to earn a certain number of points before time expires. To eliminate them, you need sharp eyes, so you can quickly find the right sets of sweets one by one. However, all other levels require more procedures.

There are a limited number of tricks to complete the task you have been assigned, including assembling the ingredients, cleaning the jelly board, or collecting as many points to complete the puzzle. You have to make wise decisions at these levels because meeting all three pastries wastes your valuable time. With these puzzles, Candy Crush Saga is much slower than its competitors.

Here are some special candies you can make. When activated, they do great damage to the plate, removing whole layers of sweets or splitting all objects of a certain color. Specialty sweets usually require you to collect more than three, sometimes in non-conventional ways. For example, if you want to fold candy into a large blast, you need to tie the sweets together so that they have a T or L shape.

Special candies can also be matched. They will combine their effects into something. Very impressive ways. You won’t be able to achieve most of these compositions, but when you do, you can usually consider it an automatic win.

All in all, Candy Crush Saga does a great job, releasing many new varieties using the old formula. The “Three Together” game is instantly recognizable, but the emphasis on various puzzle games and strategies helps make it feel refreshing. In addition, the game develops as you go along, creating more and more obstacles along the way and motivating you by using more and more fantasy models.

Often you have to break the barrier between ice and chocolate, avoid the pitfalls of the program or run to the sweets in some remote nets at the same time. Candy Crush Saga never stops betting.

It’s bad for your health too

Unfortunately, there are drawbacks. Despite its excellent appearance, the application is very complex. It can be called unfair as long. It’s good to have strategic games, make special candies and explode whole layers of sugar at the same time, but you have no real control when you can be available. Sometimes the conditions needed to make special sweets are not right, and when they appear, there is no guarantee that you will continue to use them.

For girls, this is especially bad for those who are very strict, which limits the way they manage sweets and generally fit. Often stuck at some level for hours. Whether you like it or not, your success in Candy Crush Saga will largely depend on how wide your random number generator is.

The complexity of the game is not very enduring. He jumped everywhere, with almost impossible levels, followed by the light of abuse with a terrible routine. Fortunately, the game contains cheating to mark some equally difficult levels on the map, so you will already know what is waiting for you, but the “normal” steps will help you too. It can be very frustrating.

To solve this problem, the game allows you to maximize in the event of a difficult situation. These include extra tricks, things like a lollipop hammer, which can crush any candy of your choice, and things that allow the surface to start with special candy. This is fine, but it doesn’t always happen. The problem is, when I can’t turn things around, you lose them forever. Don’t expect the app to give them generously. If you want to have a healthy source of emergency movement, spend a lot of money on them, or bother your friends.

The result: always sharp, always fun                    

There are some important elements of Saga candy that cannot be ignored but at the same time, this is a great game where a lot of thought and creativity are put into it. It is based on something that has worked with the Matching Pu 3 gaming genre and has brought a lot of new restrictions to its new music. All of this adds up to a relaxing and fun experience, even if you want to keep your phone out of the window. If there is a sense of humor, it will be in this book.

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